Card capable of informing the water contained in pets’ water bowls.
The information assimilated by the body of the animal has a dissuasive effect on the more common parasites such as ticks, sand flies, mosquitos, etc . Combine with the MY PET collar tag.
  • Description

    The MY PET card is a device in which the frequencies of natural active ingredients have been loaded. Once the animal has drunk the water informed by the Card, the frequencies enable the animal to repel the more common parasites such as ticks, mosquitos and sand flies.


    8.6 x 5.4. produced in accordance with standard ISO/IEC 7810

    How to use

    Place the card under the water bowl. No time limit.


    Use only plastic, glass or ceramic bowls.

    Remove any iron or stainless steel bowls.


    It is not important whether there is contact between the card and the bowl. The distance may even be as much as several centimetres. After just a few days you will notice the benefits.

    If you use water previously treated and energised by device Quantum Domus Freebioenergy the benefits and biophysical wellbeing are even greater.


    30 satisfied or reimbursed.

    Product effective for 1 year.

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