Aluminium tag to be attached to the pet collar. The information loaded has a dissuasive effect on the more common parasites such as ticks, sand flies, mosquitos etc. Combine with the MY PET CARD to inform the water. The My Pet Tag is also a device which has been loaded with frequencies belonging to natural elements that improve the mobility of old animals considerably.
  • Description

    The system consisting of the tag and card, effective for one year, produced to help protect our dear pets from the attacks of parasitic insects such as mosquitos, sand flies, ticks, etc.

    An old animal that suffers from pains in the joints and rheumatism recovers a considerable degree of mobility.

    How to use

    The tag is connected to the collar of our pet.

    Not damaged by immersion in water


    3 cm diameter


    30 satisfied or reimbursed.

    Product effective for 1 year.

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